How much do bank employees in Serbia earn?

Salaries of bank employees in Serbia can differ a lot, and their amount depends on the strength, size, performance, and strategy of the bank in which they work, Blic daily reports.

Ten or more years ago, when big banks came to Serbia, and when small Serbian banks were taken over by them, getting a job in a bank was a thing of prestige.

Salaries in banks have consistently exceeded the national average, but in the meantime, the situation has changed in some banks, while in others it has not. For instance, teller clerks can earn from 500 euros to over 700, while a chairman of a bank’s executive board can earn between 5,000 euros and even 10,000 euros a month, not counting bonuses.

Salaries in banks depend on a few things – the success of the branch in which a person works, personal contribution to the bank’s results, the bank’s market share and position, etc.

Salaries vary from bank to bank and the difference in salaries can go up to 300 euros, and the difference in bonuses up to 400 euros or even more. Branch consultants on average earn up to 1,000 euros while branch managers earn over 1,500 euros (often more in large banks).

Directors of various departments in banks, such as the Retail Department, can earn up to 3,000 euros a month, followed by executive directors and, finally, members of the board of directors.

(Alo, 06.07.2022)


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