How many “millionaires” does Serbia have?

The highest income reported by an individual Serbian taxpayer in 2021 was almost 18 million Euro, according to the Serbian Tax Administration records.

The Tax Administration records show that the 100 individuals with the highest incomes had earnings ranging from 100 million Dinars to 2.11 billion Dinars (or 17.99 million Euro) compared to the 11 million Euro which was the highest reported income a year earlier.

According to the Tax Authority, 69 percent of the highest income individuals live in Belgrade, including 12 foreign nationals.

The records also show that the highest earners in Serbia are managers, CEOs, engineers, economists and lawyers and that 91 percent of the earners are men.

The highest number of the wealthiest people (i.e. those who earned over 3.3 million dinars last year) live in Belgrade (22,978), followed by Novi Sad (7,010) and Kragujevac (2,740).

In regard to Belgrade municipalities, the highest number of wealthiest citizens lives in the municipality of Novi Beograd, followed by municipalities located in downtown Belgrade.

(Euronews, 08.08.2022)


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