How many guns do Serbian civilians posses?

How many guns and other types of weapons do Serbian civilians possess and what? Even the relevant state institutions don’t have the exact numbers.

When it comes to the global ranking of guns per capita, Serbia shares the third place with Montenegro – 39 guns per capita.

The USA ranks first with 120 guns per 100 inhabitants, which means that the country has more guns than adult citizens. Yemen is second with 53 guns per 100 inhabitants.

After the two mass shootings in May 2023, the Serbian government announced that Serbian citizens had a total of 766,000 registered weapons.

There is no data on the number of illegal weapons, with most of them surfacing as a result of armed conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and Kosovo.

One of the most successful weapons legalization campaigns in Serbia was conducted in 2003, when almost 83,000 guns were handed over to the police. During the last campaign, a total of 82,000 guns were seized which brings the total number of seized weapons to 108,000, as they also include various types of explosives.

The latest research conducted by the Centre for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Southeast Europe in the last quarter of 2023 showed that, on average, hardly a day passes in Serbia without an armed incident. From October to December 2023, there were 113 of them.

Regional countries are also facing similar problems. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Serbia are close in terms of the number of incidents involving firearms. Considered separately, Kosovo has the worst results with 238 armed incidents.

(N1, 28.02.2024)

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