How long will last and what will happen during the new Government led by Ana Brnabić?

As explained to us by the research and publishing center Demostat, one of the possible scenarios is that after the Belgrade elections there will be a reconstruction of the government, only six months after its formation, but also a reconstruction of the parliamentary majority. The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić has already announced (unconstitutionally) that Brnabić’s mandate will be shortened to 2024, which, as explained, was the result of the  political agreement.

“It will be a difficult period and we will have to work in different ways, not until the unification of political parties, but until the consolidation of the political scene because it will be necessary to separate those who are responsible, who are in the center, a little to the left and right of the center, and those who are extremely irresponsible and who would destroy the country in five minutes, namely, the extreme right-wingers full of patriotic platitudes and who would literally destroy the country and those worst leftists, supposedly great liberals, but actually people who would destroy everything that is national and state-building in our country. There will be many more important political processes that will take place that are important for the country to remain and survive”, said Vučić.

Demostat estimates that it shouldn’t be surprising if the elections be also held in the big cities of Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Niš along with the Belgrade elections, as the trend shows that the Serbian Progressive Party is doing very badly in urban areas, especially in big cities, except Novi Sad led by Miloš Vučević, who is entering the government.

Demostat’s assessment is that it will be a big surprise if this Brnabić`s Government lasts until 2024, considering the challenges that will follow adding that early elections are always a good way to buy time. Meanwhile, Brnabić said in the appearance on RTS that she hopes that the Government will be formed by the end of September.

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