How do we spend our free time?

When people in Serbia were asked how they usually spend their free time, cultural events and activities were not even mentioned among the top five.   

Slobodan Mrđa, a researcher at the Institute for the Cultural Development Study, and Marijana Milankov, a researcher at Zaprokul, are the authors of the aforementioned study called “Cultural Participation of Serbian Citizens”.

The survey respondents were asked, among other things, how much have our fellow citizens participated in cultural life in the last five years, what we like and don’t like in culture, how much we are present in it, what are our cultural interests and habits and how much we are ready to spend on cultural events and activities.

“It is interesting to mention that we determined the five most common ways in which people in Serbia spend their free time, and all of them are related to their private life, such as visiting people on slava days, hanging out with friends, engaging in sports and recreation… Going to see cultural events and culture-related activities are not even among the top five,” said Mrđa.

When they do engage in cultural activities, the surveyed Serbian citizens mostly go to the cinema, followed by what is called private cultural consumption – watching TV, listening to music and browsing the Internet.

Only between 4.6% and 5.6% of the total population go to the theatre

“When asked about the books they read in the last 12 months, the most common answer is ‘three’, but when we asked them to name the titles of those books, they couldn’t remember,” says Mrđa.

A total of 1,600 people were surveyed.  

(Euronews, 09.02.2023)

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