How did a bogus company with no employees acquire valuable land in Novi Beograd?

The land previously owned by one of the biggest Yugoslav corporations, the Machine and Tractor Industry (IMT) in Novi Beograd, was sold for 70 million euros to ABL Solvent which, as it turns out, is a bogus company that has no employees.

“This is unheard of,” claims Nikola Jovanović from the Center for Local Self-Government.

For only 70 million euros, Davor Macura bought the once-world-renowned factory that produced agricultural machines and tractors in Novi Beograd. „He (Macura) acquired 33 hectares of the most attractive building land in Belgrade for a pittance. If we consider that a hectare of building land in this location is worth a minimum of 10 million euros, and probably much more, we arrive at a simple calculation that the land that Mr Macura acquired is worth over from 330 million to perhaps even half a billion euros,” says Jovanović.

The new owner was allowed to do this thanks to the recently adopted Law on Planning and Construction, which some MPs opposed.

“That law was actually a cover for the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) to help its buddies and regime partners to obtain land in certain locations very cheaply, that is below the market price,” explains Danijela Nestorović, MP and lawyer.

“It is quite certain that by submitting the request for land conversion, Macura will become the owner of this land instead of just a user and then as the owner, he has the right to dispose of the land in any way he wants,” says Nestorović.

According to certain media reports, Macura plans to build skyscrapers in the location, consisting of more than 5,000 apartments, as well as commercial space on 33 hectares. His company, ABL Solvent, was founded in 2012, is registered as a micro company and has no employees.

(N1, 06.06.2024)

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