How developed is media and digital literacy in Serbia?

Of all the media, people in Serbia spend the most time on social networks (about 100 minutes a day), 57 minutes listening to the radio, and 28 minutes a day reading the press. In 2021, people in Serbia spent an average of just over an hour a day watching television (68 minutes), while today they spend an hour and a half (88 minutes) on average.

These are the results of a survey conducted by CeSID under the auspices of the New Literacy programme, which is implemented in partnership with Propulsion and the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

The manager of the New Literacy programme, Goran Zarić, said that surveyed citizens rate their media and digital literacy as “satisfactory”.

“Young people are most often on Instagram, while 66% of teenagers are on TikTok every day. People over the age of 40 use television as their prime source of information. In addition to the mentioned media habits, the survey respondents have by far the greatest trust in the information they receive through personal contacts (76%), while they least trust influencers as information sources (18%)”, Zarić points out.

The fourth research cycle of the New Literacy programme also shows that the media literacy index has been the highest in the past three years and currently stands at 3.97 out of the highest index of 6, while the digital literacy index has seen a decline compared to the previous research cycle and now stands at 10.68 out of the maximum 15.

The research also shows that the people in Serbia are more mindful of the importance of protecting personal data on the Internet. The highest percentage of respondents know how to protect personal data on the Internet (59%), while a very high percentage of respondents have experienced inconvenience in communicating via the Internet, in the form of insults, name-calling, ridicule and threats (42%).

The research was conducted on the population between the ages of 12 and 60, in order to understand future decision-makers and the drastic differences between the habits of Generation Z and Baby Boomers.

(eKapija, 02.12.2022)

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