How big is the gap between rich and poor in Serbia and Europe?

Wealth inequality is very evident around the world and Europe is no exception.

Thus, the richest 10 percent on the continent own an incredible 67 percent of the wealth, while the bottom half of the economic ladder owns only 1.2 percent of that wealth, reports Euronews Serbia.

Experts suggest that tax systems and home ownership rates play a significant role in wealth disparities between rich and poor.

The extent to which wealth is unevenly distributed also varies significantly from country to country, as the Credit Suisse and UBS Global Wealth Report 2023 shows.

Among the 36 European countries studied, wealth inequality in 2022 ranged from 50.8 in Slovakia to 87.4 in Sweden. With 69.6, Serbia is in a “golden middle”.

With the exception of Iceland, wealth inequality was quite high in the Nordic countries. Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden all made it into the top half of the table, with Sweden topping the list.

Germany had the highest wealth inequality score (77.2) among the EU’s “big four” economic powers, followed by France (70.3), Spain (68.3) and Italy (67.8).

Great Britain, a former member of the EU that is still considered one of the “big four” in the European continent, had a score of 70.2.

(, 03.04.2024)


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