Hotel and restaurant owners in Serbia fear a new closure

Reservations in spas and mountain resorts in Serbia will not last long if everyone does not adhere to the minimum hygiene measures, according to the hotel and restaurant association, HORES.

Hoteliers and restaurant owners in Serbia are worried again. As soon as the tourists came back, new warnings and stricter measures are announced as a result of a peak in the number of coronavirus cases in Serbia.

HORES is once again appealing to its members to undertake all precautionary measures and ensure the safe stay of their guests so that the tourist season is not all lost.

“We would also like to appeal to tourists to ask the management to take the planned measures, because we must all understand that the responsibility now lies exclusively with us. We must not afford to find ourselves in a situation where everything we have done so far fails because of non-compliance with the measures,” says Georgi Genov, director of HORES.

He adds that, in cooperation with the Serbian Tourist Board, they have launched the project titled “Cisto i bezbedno” (Clean and Safe).

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As of today, those catering facility which adhere to health and safety measures prescribed by the World Health Organization and Serbian institutions will be awarded the Clean and Safe certificate.

“This certificate will show guests whether the facility they wish to stay in represents a “safe area”. However, not all the protocols developed by HORES are respected. There are still catering facilities where there are no disinfectants whatsoever,” Genov underlines.

According to the latest data from this association, 88.5% of the spa accommodation has been filled in Prolom Banja, Lukovska Banja, Sokobanja and Banja Vrujci; 67.3% in Vrnjacka Banja and 47% in Zlatibor.

Hotel reservations in Belgrade are 12.04% of total capacity, and in Serbia, outside the capital, 22.3%.

122 hotels, out of 386 in Serbia, have been opened, while in Belgrade, 46 out of 115 hotels have opened their doors to guests.

(Politika, 29.06.2020)


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