Hot weather in Serbia only from mid-July

Serbia is in for a hot and dry summer, with temperatures up to two degrees Celsius above average and 30-55 tropical days when the temperature will be above 30 degrees, but that will start only in mid-July, said the directors of the National Institute of Meteorology (RHMZ), Jugoslav Nikolic.

According to RHMZ, the weather is expected to remain unstable until the end of June, with alternating sunny and rainy days, with a heat wave expecting to start in mid-July.

“For this reason, the summer will be longer and will also extend into the autumn period,” announced Nikolic.

However, this will not be a record hot summer like in 2012: “This will not be the hottest summer ever, it will be hot and dry but not the hottest,” said Nikolic.

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There will be between 30 and 55 days of tropical heat, when the maximum temperature will be 30 degrees and more, and 15 to 25 tropical nights with a minimum temperature above 20 degrees.

The expert also says that less than the average precipitation is expected during the summer.

“There will be between 120 and 240 millimetres of rain in the flat regions and between 190 and 250 millimetres in the mountains,” Nikolic added.

In the flat regions, 18 to 28 days of rain is expected, while in the mountains up to 36 days.

(RTV, 01.06.2020)


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