Horror and Wine Festival in Subotica

The third Dead Lake Horror & Wine Festival will take place at the Abazija cinema, near the Palic Lake, just outside Subotica, from 14th to 16th September.

“The Dead Lake Festival is literally returning from the dead, following the Ministry of Culture allocating twice less funds this year to the festival. However, with the help of the Serbian Film Centre and the Yugoslav Film Archives, as well as domestic and foreign film distributors and the team that organizes the festival from Art & Popcorn, we have managed to organize the festival this year too, and maintain the continuity of this event that is unique to our country”, says the festival’s director and film producer, Milan Todorovic, who also directed films like “The Zone of the Dead”, “Mamula”, and “The Rift”.

This time around, the festival will be shorter, but more effective. A total of 7 films will be showcased, including the winner of the Grossman Festival – the Spanish film “The Night of the Virgin” (La Noche del Virgen), directed by Roberto San Sebastian, which is considered one of the most horrific films ever made.

“We are also going to have a very special guest – a director who made one of the best horror films in the history of the film which nearly landed him in prison. This director was also one of the biggest influences on Oliver Stone and Quentin Tarantino”, Todorovic announces.

(Blic, 30.08.2017)


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