HORES:”Hotels in ski resorts had 90% occupancy rate on New Year’s Eve”

The director of the business association of the Serbian hotel and catering industry (HORES), Georgi Genov, said that hotels in Serbia’s winter resorts are about 90% full during the New Year’s holidays and that there were also some foreigners among the guests.

He told Beta news agency that Serbia does not have high hotel capacity in winter resorts and that there are only ten hotels with about 1,200 rooms in Zlatibor, about 1,000 rooms in hotels on Kopaonik, about 500 rooms in Divčibare and Tara and 150 in Zlatar, while Stara Planina has only one hotel with about 200 rooms.

“Zlatibor and Kopaonik have the highest number hotels, but those with between 2,200 and 2,300 rooms can accommodate a maximum of about 4,000 guests, while private accommodation can take up to 30,000 guests,” Genov said.

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He added that, at first glance, it seems that hotel capacities in winter resorts are higher, but that’s not true because Serbia still practices poor and low-cost tourism and tourist facilities are mainly engaged in providing accommodation services, and rarely catering services too.

According to him, hotels in spa towns are mostly closed.

Genov also said that some hotels in Belgrade had guests in about 20 rooms who came for the New Year’s holidays, including some foreigners.

“HORES will ask the government Crisis Taskforce to allow hotel lobbies to be open until 11 p.m. so that guests have drinks there, which does not jeopardize health safety, as these are large areas where physical distance can be observed,” Genov concluded.

(N1, 04.01.2021)





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