Holidays and depression: Why we go back to work tired?

Returning to work after a vacation is a nightmare for many. The return to work can also be a source of discomfort, lack of stamina and enthusiasm.

Probably we would all like to be permanently on holiday and that our only concern during is which beach to sunbathe on or which restaurant to dine in.

Unfortunately, everything time flies when you are having fun, so after a week or two of holiday, we have to return to our daily routine.

Mirjana Vasic works at a law firm in Belgrade. She only returned from vacation the evening before the start of a new working week. She explains that getting up early in the morning was not difficult, but that her thoughts “wandered” during meetings and that she could not concentrate well on the first working day: “I was thinking about how I drank coffee on the terrace the day before and looked at the sea”, Mirjana reveals to BBC Serbia.

Upon return from a holiday, many people can’t easily fall back into the work routine.

“Returning from holidays is sometimes difficult and causes the so-called post-vacation depression. It’s that feeling when you have no strength to do anything and when you hate to move around a lot,” says psychologist Ana Mirkovic for BBC.

Not only is returning to work a problem, but the length of an average holiday is problematic too. Mirkovic says that research shows that people start relaxing on the holiday usually between the third and fourteenth day.

“After the third day, you start slowly to relax and after weeks you begin to countdown days until you start work,” says Mirkovic. Post-vacation depression lasts three weeks and it only takes three working days to “undo” the effects of the holiday.

Medicines for rapid recovery

Mirkovic says that some experts recommend that, upon your return to work, you should start planning your next holiday immediately.

“This will make it easier to get back behind your desk,” she says.

It is recommended that you organize your working week so that the first working day falls on a Wednesday which gives the impression that the weekend comes quickly, or that you have two more days off after the holiday in order to ease into work as painlessly as possible.

In addition, Mirkovic says that it is better to take on light tasks once you return to work in order to reduce feelings of anxiety.

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