Hiperion Sol to build a solar power plant in Ćuprija

The Hiperion Sol Company from Belgrade plans to build a solar power plant in the industrial zone of Ćuprija, which estimated the average annual electricity production will be close to 5.88 GWh.

The project was drafted by the architectural firm Art Proing Paraćin, which is needed for Hiperion Sol to obtain the necessary documentation for the construction of a ground solar power plant. The project is executed at the request of the investor it will span an area of 52,075 square metres and will be located inside the industrial zone.

“The plan is to build a solar photovoltaic plant with panels of approximately 4.7 MWp, or 4.05 MW – AC, on a plot called FNE Margisol,” the project states.

The solar photovoltaic plant will be connected to the low voltage distribution equipment and will rise to the appropriate voltage level of the distribution network thanks to 35/0.4 kV transformers.

(eKapija, 04.05.2022)



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