Hilton and Mona Plaza hotels to be opened in Belgrade soon

Director of the Belgrade Tourist Board, Miodrag Popovic says that Belgrade still doesn’t have enough hotels or other types of accommodation to match the number of tourists that visit the city every year.

In the first half of this year, the capital city is supposed to get two new hotels – The Hilton in Slavija and the Mona Plaza in Dorcol, which construction started late last year.

Popovic says that, due to an ever increasing tourist demand, 94 hotels, which is how many Belgrade has now, are simply not enough. He adds that other types of accommodation (like hostels) are missing too.

“This is the most obvious in the period from mid-December to mid-January when there is almost no vacant room in Belgrade”, Popovic underlines.

Judging by the data generated in November last year, Belgrade had a total of 2 million overnight stays up until that point which is a 20% increase relative to 2016. Popovic says that the precise data on how many tourists came to Belgrade during past holidays is still not available. However, the Tourist Board estimates that between 100,000 and 130,000 tourists visited the Belgrade Winter event.

Popovic also says that the city of Belgrade generated between 24 and 30 million EUR in revenue during Christmas and New Year’s holidays, adding that tourism is one of the most important economic branches for the capital city. He estimates that Belgrade generated an income between 750 and 800 million EUR from tourist activities last year.

(RTS, 13.01.2018)



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