Highest salaries in Vracar, lowest in Vranjska Banja

According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, the average net salary in Serbia in June amounted to 49,226 dinars, while the highest one stood at 78,116 dinars and was paid out to a resident of a Belgrade quarter of Vracar.

The lowest average salary is in Vranjska Banja – 30,546 dinars.

The difference between the average wages in the municipality of Vracar and Vranjska Banja was exactly 47,570 dinars.

The three municipalities with the highest average wages in Serbia are Novi Beograd with a June average of 74,617 dinars and Stari Grad (also in Belgrade) with 73,486 dinars.

Official statistics show that the four other Belgrade municipalities – Savski Venac (66,531), Vozdovac (62,582), Zvezdara (62,223) and Lazarevac (61,263) also had the average salary in excess of 60,000 dinars in June.

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The average wages of the inhabitants of all other cities in Serbia were less than 60,000 dinars.

Beside Vranjska Banja, Svrljig (31,598 dinars) and Gadžin Han (33,750) dinars are at the bottom of the salary scale.

The average net earnings in Nis in June amounted to 46,835 dinars, in Kragujevac 47,652 dinars, in Novi Sad 53,302 dinars, and the average for the entire city of Belgrade was 60,149 dinars.

According to the data collated by the Statistical office, average wages in the first half of this year, compared to the same period last year, were lower in eight municipalities (Lazarevac, Lajkovac, Kostolac, Despotovac, Zagubica, Sokobanja, Vrnjacka Banja and Svrljig), and higher in all other cities and municipalities in Serbia.

The average gross salary for June this year (68,047 dinars) was nominally higher by 5.3 percent, and in real terms by 2.9 percent compared to the same month of the previous year.

(Nova Ekonomija, 28.08.2018)




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