Higher toll as of 10th July

The Serbian government has given the green light to the request for higher toll submitted by the Roads of Serbia public enterprise.

The new toll prices will be applied from July 10th.

Belgrade – Šid: new price 500 dinars (currently 450 dinars)

Obrenovac – Preljina: new price 560 dinars (currently 510)

Belgrade – Subotica: new price 800 dinars (730)

Belgrade – Vrbas: new price 470 dinars (420)

Belgrade – Niš south: new price 1,130 dinars (1,020)

Belgrade – Dimitrovgrad: new price 1,670 dinars (1,510 dinars)

Belgrade – Batočina: new price 500 dinars (450)

(021.rs, 07.07.2024)


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