Higher salaries for teachers and doctors

Civil servants and pensioners cannot wait for January 2018 when their salaries and pensions will go up by 10% and 5% respectively.

School and nursery teachers, scientists, social services employees, doctors and nurses will all have their salaries increased by 10%, as will military personnel, police, security services, court employees, prosecution office employees, prison employees, and people working in cultural and tax institutions.

However teachers are not too happy with the increase. The head of the Forum of Belgrade Gymnasiums, Aleksandar Markov says that a 10% hike is not actually a hike, but reverting to the salaries from 2014, i.e. before they were reduced.

“The average salary in the Serbian education sector currently stands at 41,000 dinars. High school teachers are paid between 44,000 50,000 dinars, depending on their work experience and seniority. From 2014 until today, we were given between 2% and 3% hike, so basically, with the newest increase, we are back to the 2014 salaries. I expect salaries to go up next year too, because I think that the realistic salary of a high school teacher should be 65,000 dinars”, Markov adds.

Public administration employees (i.e. people working in ministries and Serbian Parliament) will get a 5% increase.

The military personnel will also see higher salaries in 2018.

– Sergeant majors will have a salary of 54,903 dinars, instead of the previous 47,262 dinars, while the lieutenant colonels will receive 87,350 dinars, instead of 74,590”, Defence Minister, Aleksandar Vulin has confirmed.

Apart from the above mentioned pension increase, pensioners will also get a one-off financial assistance in the amount of 5,000 dinars in November this year.

(Blic, 17.10.2017)



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