Higher public broadcasting service subscription as of January 1

In 2019, Serbian public broadcaster, Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) generated an income of 7,422,407,000 dinars from subscription while its branch in Vojvodina, Radio and Television of Vojvodina (RTV) generated 1,658,172,306 dinars.

In 2021, the state will continue to finance, to a certain extent, both RTS and RTV, because the money they get from subscription is not enough.

This is said in the amendments to the Law on Public Media Services, which arrived in the Serbian Parliament and will be soon discussed by Serbian MPs.

A survey involving nearly 1,000 people, who were asked if they watched TV, produced the following results:

“Do you watch TV?”

Yes: 30% (247)

No, not at all: 31% (257)

Sometimes: 39% (316)

In the 2021 budget has allocated 900,000,000 dinars for RTV, while RTS is not mentioned, although it will probably get state money following a redistribution of funds. In previous years, the state public service received 3.1 billion dinars per year, but the 2020 budget review reduced the amount to 1.6 billion dinars.

The price of the monthly subscription will be 299 dinars per household from January 1, instead of the previous 255.

(Alo, 13.12.2020)


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