Higher loan instalments as of next week

There is still a week to go until the end of September, i.e. until the new calculation on the loan instalments is applied for those bank clients who have taken out loans with a variable interest rate that includes three-month (3M) Euribor.

In particular, the Euribor value on 30th September will be used in the calculation of the interest on the loan instalments for October, November and December, after which the banks will inform their customers of the new monthly instalment amount.

Considering that the interest rate at which the group of European banks lend money to each other – the Euribor (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) – has been rising steadily since March of this year, with a particularly sharp jump in the last three months, so bank clients can certainly expect the instalments to be a little higher.

The Secretary General of the Serbian Bank Association, Vladimir Vasić, believes that loan instalments will be increased by 5 to 15 euros, but the calculation shows that the increase depends on the amount of the loan, the total interest, the variable part, the repayment period, the amount already paid, etc. Consequently, the increase can be considerably higher.

In particular, Euribor is an integral part of the variable interest rate for euro-indexed loans. Of the five largest banks in Serbia, 2 banks set variable interest rates at Euribor every 6 months and the others every 3 months.

(Biznis.rs, 23.09.2022)



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