Higher fuel prices in Serbia

Fuel prices in Serbia are growing again. Compared to the previous month, a litre of petrol costs 7 dinars more, and in the next period, the price could be even higher, experts say.

In June, one litre of petrol cost 123 dinars and diesel cost 132 dinars. Today, petrol costs about 130 dinars per litre and diesel 139 dinars.

The price of a barrel of crude oil in the global market is around USD 40 and has not yet stabilised, but what is certain is that the price of a barrel has recovered considerably from the period between March and April, when it was in the minus zone. Another blow to fuel prices in Serbia is the recent increase in excise duties.

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Nebojsa Atanackovic, a partner in an oil company, thinks that there is currently an insufficient reason for such a price increase.

“Regardless of the growing price of crude oil, the price of fuel sold at our petrol stations is high due to high excise duties. In fact, the price of crude oil does not affect more than a quarter of the total fuel price; if the crude oil price increases by $5, that means that the price of fuel in Serbia should increase by no more than $1.5”.

Atanackovic predicts that the price of crude oil will not exceed $50 per barrel by the end of the year.

(Blic, 15.07.2020)




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