Higher electricity, coffee and cigarette prices

As of 1st January this year, you will have to spend more money on your regular grocery shopping because the new year brought the new (higher) prices.

In addition to the prices of coffee, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks, which will increase due to the adjustment of excise taxes, in 2018, we can also expect a higher toll, but also a slight increase in the prices of food products.

It has been estimated that the price of coffee will go up by 10 percent, while the price of a cigarette pack will increase by six to seven dinars. Accordingly, a 200-gram-packaging of coffee will now cost 242 dinars, instead of 220 dinars.

And that’s not all because the economy experts say that due to the heavy drought in 2017, when the agricultural yield severely dropped, there will be a slight increase in food prices. The drivers are not spared either. In line with to the agreement with the IMF, the toll will go up by 3% from February.

Agroeconomic analyst Milan Prostran doesn’t expect a huge increase in the prices of the basic food products.

“And by that I mean the price of bread, flour, cooking oil, sugar and poultry. The reason for this is that the state has a various levels of control over these prices, especially in terms of bread”, Prostran adds.

The new year also brought an 18% higher electricity prices for small and medium enterprises, i.e. over 3,000 of them.

(Blic, 03.01.2018)




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