Higher civil servant wages – nurses to get up to 55,000 dinars, police officers close to 51,000 dinars

The salary increases in the public sector in November will mainly please nurses and medical technicians, who will receive 15% more.

Hence, nurses will earn from 45,684 to 49,241 dinars, depending on whether they work in an outpatient clinic, in a general hospital ward or in the emergency room. The salaries of senior nurses will also increase, and will range from 52,181 to 55,592 dinars, depending on whether they work as public health nurses, in general hospitals or in intensive care.

Teachers, judges, prosecutors employed in courts and prosecutors’ offices and social workers, as well as for members of the army forces and security services will receive a 9% raise.

Teacher salaries will range from 46,564 to 56,135 dinars, depending on their seniority, the number of assigned classes and work experience.  Police officers will earn 51,275 dinars while army lance corporals, corporals and junior soldiers will get from 44,729 to 50,821 dinars a month.

Civil servants will get an 8% salary increase. Thus, for example, heads of medical assessment commissions will receive 69,456 dinars and law graduates, working for a state institution, 59,468 dinars. Civil servants with the lowest level of education (security and maintenance workers, drivers, etc.) will not receive a pay rise.

The minimum wage will be increased to 27,000 dinars by the end of the year and will reach just over 30,000 from January 1.

In mid-September, the Serbian government adopted the decision to increase public sector wages from 8 to 15% on average from November 1.

(B92, 17.10.2019)



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