High-speed train from Novi Sad to Belgrade starts its commute on March 15

The first high-speed train in Serbia will be put in operation in mid-March, first on the Belgrade-Novi Sad route, and in three years’ time, it will commute from Subotica and Budapest.

“It will be much easier now to work in one city and live in another. Belgrade and Novis Sad are now connected cities,” said Zoran Puzović from Srbija Voz. The Serbian government has purchased three Stadler trains, the Kiss 200 model, worth over 50 million euros for this purpose. Two trains will be used in regular traffic while the third will arrive by March 15.

On March 15, the first high-speed train will start its Belgrade-Novi Sad commute.  Passengers will have one Intercity train at their disposal, which will cover the Belgrade-Novi Sad distance in 36 minutes, one Regional Express train, which will travel 40 minutes between Belgrade and Novi Sad and one regional train, which will commute 50 minutes between the two cities.

The tickets will be available for purchase online in ten days, at a promotional price for a whole month. The Kiss 200 are ultra-modern trains equipped with 314 leather seats, 5 toilets and a bar. The train is also suitable for people with disabilities. The advantage of fast trains is comfort, speed and the fact that they do not pollute the environment.

(eKapija, 06.03.2022)



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