Here are the fuel prices in the region and in Europe

Out of all Balkan countries, motor fuel is the most expensive fuel in Croatia, while Hungary has the cheapest.

In Hungary, petrol and diesel prices are significantly lower than in all neighbouring countries and compared to Croatia, diesel costs 49 cents less while petrol costs 55 euro cents less. Romania also has very expensive fuel, and petrol in that country is more expensive in Montenegro and Slovenia.

Fuel prices have increased in Serbia, so drivers have to pay a maximum of 202.2 dinars per litre of Eurodiesel, while BMB 95 unleaded petrol retails for 184 dinars per litre. Converted in euros, petrol in Serbia costs 1.56 euros per litre while diesel costs 1.72.

Drivers in Croatia pay BMB 95 unleaded petrol 1.79 euros per litre while diesel is 1.88 euros. Although diesel became slightly cheaper in Croatia a few days ago than the week before, the price of petrol, on the other hand, went up.

Slovenians have to pay 1.63 euros per litre for petrol and 1.68 euros for diesel. In Bulgaria, the price of petrol is 1.54 and diesel 1.63 euros per litre, while in Romania the price of petrol is 1.61 and diesel 1.75 euros.

The cheapest fuel in the region, but also in the European Union, is the one sold in Hungary – 1.24 euros for a litre of petrol and 1.39 for diesel. In Montenegro, petrol costs 1.7 euros and diesel 1.72 euros. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a litre of petrol costs an average of 1.59 euros and diesel 1.66 euros. According to May 18 data, drivers in northern Macedonia pay 1.53 euros for a litre of petrol and 1.40 for a litre of diesel.

According to the European Commission data, the most expensive petrol is in Finland, 2.25 euros per litre, followed by 2.22 euros in Denmark, 2.20 euros in Greece, 2.13 euros in Germany and 2.17 euros in the Netherlands. Diesel is the most expensive in Sweden 2.25 euros, followed by Finland 2.24, Germany 2.03 and Denmark 2 euros.

(Nova, 22.05.2022)

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