Henry Rollins coming to Belgrade in February 2023

Punk rock icon and one of the greatest of all time in this genre, Henry Rollins, is coming to Belgrade on February 11. He will present himself to the Belgrade audience with a well-thought-out and varied performance, which will not include songs from his bands “Black Flag” and “Rollins Band”.

He made the decision to stop making music a few years ago, which surprised his fans. The former Black Flag and Rollins Band frontman explained in an interview with Rick Rubin how he came to that decision.

“The smart thing I did when I was younger was to wake up one day and decide I was done with music. I don’t hate it, I just don’t have any more songs in me – Rollins stated and added: “Fortunately, I have enough films, voiceovers, documentaries, books and lectures to do, so I’m busier than ever.”

The punk rock icon discussed his natural progression in the music world and said he doesn’t care about pleasing all his fans.

Washington Post says: “It is impossible to describe Henry Rollins in one sentence because he is an actor, provocateur, author, humorist, motivational speaker”, while, according to the American TV Guide, Rollins is a “renaissance man”.

He is known worldwide for his “talking shows”, which are a combination of political commentary, personal anecdotes, humour and even outrage, pop culture, all with a healthy dose of scepticism.

Tickets for this performance, which will take place at MTS Dvorana, go on sale on November 3.

(Danas, 01.11.2022)


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