Heat wave arrives in Serbia

“Air temperatures in some parts of Serbia today will be close to 36 degrees Celsius, which is not worrying considering that in 2007, they reached 43 degrees,” meteorologist Nedeljko Todorovic said yesterday, adding that both healthy people and the chronically ill should pay more attention and protect themselves.

“We are not going to see extremely high temperatures tomorrow while only some parts of Serbia, mainly eastern and southeastern Serbia and Pomoravlje, could see temperatures rising to 36 degrees. In other parts, the temperature will be 33-35 degrees, which is normal for summer and not worrying, although such heat does affect the most sensitive people, those with weakened immunity and the elderly,” Todorović told Tanjug news agency.

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According to him, the temperature will drop several degrees from Saturday and the first ten days of August, it will be between 30 and 33 degrees. It will rain today in some parts of Serbia and there will be more rain throughout the country between 4 and 5 August.

Compared to previous summers, this one will not be very hot.

“In previous decades, the summer temperature ranged between 37 and 39 degrees, in 2007, it climbed to 42. On July 24 that year, the temperature in Smederevska Palanka stood at 44.8 degrees and in Belgrade, 43.6,” he said, adding that this was the maximum for our region, and the current situation is not a cause for worry.

The temperature in August will be one degree above the average temperature for that time of the year.

(Blic, 30.07.2020)


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