Healthcare workers to receive 10% higher salary; state starts disbursing three minimum wages on 7 May

Health workers will be paid 10% higher April salaries tomorrow, and on 7th May, the state will start paying three minimum wages to 1.1 million employees over the next three months, for which more than EUR 900 million has allocated in the state budget, Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said.

A total of 237,000 companies applied for the three minimum wages paid by the part of the state’s measures to support the economy during the coronavirus epidemic.

The Finance Minister also said that, as of now, medical nurses at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases will receive salaries up to 54,000 dinars, which, he said, amounts to an increase of 76% in the past few years.

„An infectology specialist will have a salary of around 105,000 dinars, which is 65% more than in 2011,” Mali said for RTS.

He announced that citizens can apply for a one-off financial aid of EUR 100 from 15th May to 5th June.

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He added the government also allocated RSD 29.5 billion to finance the measure of deferred payment of payroll taxes and contributions.

“By implementing these measures, we have managed to save most of the jobs during the crisis. Also, in the last two months, around 6,000 citizens have applied for financial assistance from the National Employment Service,” the minister said.

Furthermore, over 3,000 companies applied for inexpensive loans via the Development Fund, with 179 loans approved, worth a total of RSD 1.5 billion.

The Minister also noted that there have been talks with the tourist sector, which was the most affected by the crisis, about means to provide additional help.

Saying that Serbia ended the first quarter with a 5% growth, Mali assessed that, in 2020, Serbia would be the most successful economy in Europe.

(Kurir, 05.05.2020)


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