HealthCare Europe to expand its factory in Ruma – jobs for 300 people

The Chinese-Danish company HealthCare Europe will expand its existing production facilities in the Industrial Zone Rumska Petlja in Vojvodinian town of Ruma, and employ another 300 workers on the production of memory foam, it was announced at a press conference.

In line with an agreement with the Municipality of Ruma, the company will buy another 4.5 hectares of land in Block 2 and build an additional 20,000 square metres of production space.

“Last year, when we sold them around 4.5 hectares of land, they built additional production facilities spanning 17,000 sqm, and they currently have over 50,000 sqm of production space, employing over 700 workers,” said the president of the municipality of Ruma, Sladjan Mancic.

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He added that the local self-government of Ruma had earned around RSD 40 million from selling a nearly identical land plot to the company in 2018. “Considering that this is an export-oriented company, the state budget will benefit as well,” Mancic added.

The need for an additional production facility arose from the successful operations of HealthCare Europe in the USA. Aleksandar Andersen Podravac, CEO at HealthCare Europe, said that the market demanded a quick reaction and that they had immediately made concrete steps toward meeting the challenge:

“We can do this job in six months. Let me remind that the first 28,000 sqm was built in nine months and that we moved in the machines and started manufacturing within 11 months,” Andersen Podravac added.

(Dnevnik, 08.10.2019)



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