Health tourism: Breast augmentation and reduction much cheaper in Serbia

In Serbia, liposuction costs around 900 Euros, while in Europe the price can go up to 5,000 Euros, while breast augmentation or reduction is four times cheaper here compared to Western countries.

We can also attract health tourists with our affordable prices of dental treatments. For instance, fixed dentures are seven times cheaper in Serbia than in Europe. Since the potential for development of this kind of tourism is huge but still largely untapped so both the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism have decided to join forces to promote Serbian health tourism because here healthcare services are both of good quality and affordable.

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Serbia, or its Ministry of Health, did exhibit at the Moscow Tourism Fair, which is one of the biggest tourism fairs in the world with over 2,000 exhibitors from 200 countries and an excellent promotional tool for the upcoming tourist season.

“We have an already quite developed dental tourism which is still not centralized. Now, we want to bring all dental services provided to health tourists under one roof, to have an organized system that has never existed before. In terms of quality, we are at the very top – both in Europe and the world”, says Miloje Stefanovic, a dental tourism representative at the Ministry of Health.

For now, the Ministry has selected 94 dental offices and 9 plastic surgery clinics with which it plans to sign contracts and issue them with quality certificates.

(Nova Ekonomija, 20.03.2017)

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