Health Minister:”It will take 29 days for the situation to stabilize”

Serbia’s Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said on Monday the Chinese experts who came to Belgrade to help with combating the coronavirus pandemic, were expected to present a set of measures later in the day, the FoNet news agency reported.

“They will suggest measures necessary to keep the situation under control,” Loncar told Happy TV.

The Chinese experts, who came to Belgrade on Saturday, also said people should respect the measures the country’s government had prescribed, and that if they did, it would take 29 days for the entire situation to become stable.

Loncar warned the population on Monday that the measures implemented so far were the best possible at the moment, but that “the health care system has its limits,” which would be jeopardized if people did not honour those measures.

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“The health care system cannot withstand irresponsibility,” he added.

As of Monday, Serbia’s Health Ministry will update on the number of new coronavirus cases once a day, at 3 pm.

By 6 pm on Sunday, 222 positive cases of coronavirus COVID-19 were confirmed in Serbia.

Until March 22, the Torlak Institute laboratory tested 761 people who met the criteria for testing (staying in the area of intensive transmission of the virus and presence of symptoms of infection of the respiratory tract), the Ministry’s website said.

Since the last report on March 22, 61 persons were tested, and 34 of them were positive.

(N1, 22.03.2020)



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