Health Minister: “Vaccination will not be mandatory”

Health Minister, Zlatibor Loncar, said today that the vaccine against coronavirus will not be mandatory but recommended and that for now, no restrictions have been considered for those who might not want to receive it.

Loncar also said that health workers working in infectious disease clinics in red areas will be the priority followed by other health workers, security services, army, police and other civil servants.

“These rules, which were written a long time ago, could be slightly modified due to the specificities of the virus, but vaccination will not be mandatory, but rather recommended,” Loncar explained.

When asked at a press conference about citizens who do not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus and their ability to travel, go to the bank, fly or do anything else, the Minister said that due to restrictions, announced by some global airlines, it is necessary “to have an approved vaccine and have enough of them for everyone who wants to receive it”.

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Loncar said that private clinics in Serbia are involved in the fight against the epidemic too and that some registered microbiological laboratories conduct the so-called rapid tests, but not the PCR tests.

“They are obliged to report by noon how many positive cases they have detected so that we can organize ourselves,” said Loncar.

(Politika, 25.11.2020)


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