Head of Novi Sad Education Department recruiting high schoolers to vote for SNS

The Vojvodina branch of the Zajedno Coalition has strongly condemned the misuse of children for political purposes, which has been happening in Novi Sad in the last few days.

The Head of the Education Department in the Novi Sad government had sent a list of students to principals of all high schools in Novi Sad, demanding that students should be excused from school for one day as they will be engaged as coordinators at the Serbian Progressive Party’s rally in Novi Sad. He also said that students should bring as many of their friends to the rally and that in return, they would get 2,000 dinars each.

Also, the residents of the Klisa neighbourhood in Novi Sad were given the same amount of money for coming to the  SNS election rally at the Vojvodina Sports and Business Centre (SPENS), while, at the same time, a large number of employees in public companies received an order to leave work at 2 p.m. and come to the rally.

“We are living the shameful, unacceptable privatization of our education system and the state. This is violence against schools and young people, violence against any form of public interest. What kind of people are those teenagers going to be as they are already being used for political purposes and are told that the word of their teachers means nothing and that they have to abide by the bizarre requests of a political party? This is called indoctrination and the worst form of corrupting minors. Our society must stand up against this kind of violence,” said Radivoje Jovović, head of the Zajedno branch in Vojvodina and a candidate for deputy in the Vojvodina Parliament.

(Danas, 13.12.2023)


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