Havana D’Primera & Alexander Abreu to perform in Belgrade on July 24

In collaboration with the Binta Sound label, Dom Omladine is bringing to Belgrade one of the best ever Cuban salsa bands – Havana D’Primera, with Alexander Abreau at its helm, who will perform Wednesday, July 24th, at 21:00, in Barutana, Kalemegdan.

Tickets, which price starts from 1,500 dinars, are sold via the Ticket Vision outlets.

Alexander Abreu, also known as “the king of the trumpet”, and his Havana D’Primera Orchestra, are the most popular Cuban band in recent years. Alexander Abreu, a charismatic young Cuban singer who is at the helm of the new generation of Cuban music, is both a respected and award-winning jazz trumpeter.

Abreu and Havana D’Primera have had a lot of worldwide success recently with their last CD called “La Vuelta Al Mundo”, on which they partnered with Louis Enrique, achieving great popularity.

The group is at the peak of success: the previous CD “La Vuelta Al Mundo” brought them the greatest success, the duet of Alexander Abreu with the famous Louis Enrique.

Havana D’Primera had been making history with explosive live performances since these 15 all-star Cuban musicians came together in 2007. Actually, most of them had been playing music together in concerts and in recording studios for over a decade now.  

Before he became the founder and musical director of Havana D’Primera, Alexander Abreu Manresa worked his way up through the timba ranks. He started playing the trumpet when he was 10 years old and studied music at a small conservatory in his native Cienfuegos. He moved to Havana to study at the Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA). After graduating in 1994, he spent the next six years playing the trumpet with Paulo FG y Su Elite and recording with Klimax, Isaac Delgado, Pachito Alonso, Mayito Rivero, Manolín, Los Van Van, Irakere and too many others to name here. In 2000 he was named Best Trumpet Player of Timba music by the influential Timba.com website. The following year his participation in the compilation La rumba soy yo won him a Latin Grammy award.

(Dom Omladine website, 22.07.2019)


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