Has Vučić lost control over the extreme right-wing in Serbia?

Aleksandar Vučić and the Serbian Progressive Party have under their absolute control right-wing and extremist groups within society, which call for death and violence against members of minority communities, Danas interlocutors agree.

“Whether our right-wingers are under someone’s hand remains an open question, but whether the further organizing of lities (religious processions) against pride will affect our interpersonal relations is quite certain, because these divisions destroy the family itself as a pillar of society”, states  sociologist Marko Stanojević for Danas adding that these divisions are highly noticeable inside the families, where some for example are fanatics who would limit freedoms of minorities, while their brothers or sisters are on the opposite side, members of those minority who are degraded at every step.

In the words of Stanojević,  this conflict which is deepening, will just continue to destroy the family, which will no longer be possible to bind to any value, either Christian or progressive.

“A divided or totally degraded family is only a problem for the whole society and for the state itself. We could use the open family project. The time really has come to look each other in the eye and to talk instead of expressing personal dissatisfaction in gatherings, to hide fears in the crowd”, said Marko Stanojević, concluding that all of these conflicts are personal and and that we have to solve it together.

As a reminder, president Vučić  yesterday repeated his reasons for banning the Europride.

“You say that the opposition wants to protest because Pride is banned, so wait, didn’t some of them protest because it was going to take place?” This is all being used for political purposes, and decent Serbia is silent and watching how the state will decide and what is best for them”, highlighted Vučić adding that the country is facing with countless number of problems and that it`s sad that some say that cancellation of Europride is as important as Kosovo problem.

According to cultural expert Iva Jovic, since taking the power, Vučić has had complete control over right-wing and extremist groups, who are his henchmen and act in the direction that suits him at his slightest hint which can be also seen in the attitude of the state towards Pride in all these years.

“Vučić quite successfully cultivates an image of himself in which he is the omnipresent saviour, because only he can solve all crises, he puts himself in the role of a victim, but in fact he is the main inspirer”, believes the interviewee of Danas adding that Aleksandar Vučić replaces theses because he opens crises in parallel and skilfully manipulates them, turning crises into more or less important topics.

“Ordinary citizens are so exhausted by the president’s fight on all fronts, to the extent that almost everything that is a real crisis (inflation, possible electricity restrictions) passes without any reaction”, concludes Jović.

President of the executive board of the Regional Academy for the Development of Democracy Balša Božović highlights for Danas that it is absolutely certain that Aleksandar Vučić controls the extremists in Serbia.

“He is their boss. Nothing can be organized without his permission or without his beckoning. Lities (religious processions) are also under Vučić’s direction, as well as those obscure politicians and individuals who were in the front lines. Well, you don’t think that Nestorović could have appeared there without Vučić knowing about it, do you? The chosen doctor of the Vučić regime”, stated Božovič adding that  religious processions are organized only with permission from the police which must be approved by Vučić.

In Božović`s words, in this way Vučić is threatening the West that a much worse person can come to power instead of him, and that this is the reason why the West often doesn`t take Vučić`s actions for granted, while at the same time, through religious processions Vučić satisfies Moscow, to which he shows that he is still politically on the anti-Western narrative. Balša Božović concluded that for this double game that Vučić  is playing, citizens are the one who are paying  with their freedom.

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