Happiness and optimism: Rare occurrences in Serbia?

The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina have the most pessimistic view of their economic future out of all nations in the Balkans, while the Serbs take the second place – according to a Gallup poll.

The Croatians demonstrate a slight pessimism (-2 index), while the Slovenians are the most optimistic about their economic future (+5 index).

This is what the End of the Year survey conducted by Gallup International has shown. This time around, Gallup used 55 different methods to ascertain the level of economic optimism, and close to 54,000 people were surveyed.

As far at the happiness index goes, according to the survey, Fiji was the happiest country in the world, getting a score of +92, followed by Colombia with +87 and the Philippines (+84). Completing the top 10 are Mexico (+82), Vietnam (+77), Kazakhstan (+74), Papua New Guinea (+74), Indonesia (+68), India (+64), and Argentina and the Netherlands (+64).

The happiness index is measured at personal level, i.e. by calculating the average between very happy and very unhappy people. In Serbia, the happiness index is +45. The Italians have scored +42, the Bosniaks +47, the Croatians +48, and the Slovenians +56.

Globally speaking, 49% of the world’s population is happy, which is a 10% drop compared to the previous year. The poll concludes that happiness depends less on the country we live in, and more on our age, income, education, and the lifestyle.

(Blic, 02.01.2017)


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