Half of Serbian population suffers from anxiety and depression

Mental disorders are the second biggest health problem among Serbian population, after cardio-vascular diseases – the Association for Support of People with Neuroses, ‘Herc’ said apropos 10th October – the World Mental Health Day.

The Association’s press release also states that, according to a survey, every second person in Serbia doesn’t feel mentally well, or suffers from symptoms of mild depression, while 4.4% women and 2.4% men are actually diagnosed with depression. 55.8% of people in Serbia have reported feeling anxious and mentally tired.

The data collated by the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy, the Psychology Department, show that 42% of high school students feel anxiety.

In terms of the number of suicides, Serbia occupies 13th place in the world, while mental disorders, depression and abuse of psychoactive substances account for over 90% of suicides.

The Association for Support of People with Neuroses ‘Herc’ was founded in Belgrade in 2009 with the goal of providing support to people with anxiety and depression.

Caritas Serbia is putting an event in Belgrade today together with the Mental Health Network ‘NauM’ which will take place at Impact Hub, 21 Makedonska Street. There will be an exhibition of artwork done by people who are members of the mental health associations, as well as an interesting programme comprising of psychological and art workshops and documentary film screenings.

(Danas, 09.10.2017)





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