Half of Serbian consumers will shop on Black Friday

Half of the shoppers in Europe (52%) and 50.9% in Serbia plan to make purchases on Black Friday.

This is a result of a survey conducted by Kaspersky, which also shows that, unlike 60% of consumers in Europe, just over a third (39.4%) of consumers in Serbia said they would like to do most of their Christmas shopping online.

Approximately 45.6% of respondents in Serbia, it is added, expect to leave Christmas shopping for the last minute, hoping to find bigger discounts. As online shopping is growing, the survey results also show that most respondents do not plan to cut costs when it comes to Christmas shopping, despite the economic recession.

Only a quarter (26%) of European consumers intend to reduce the budget for Christmas shopping this year due to the financial worries caused by the pandemic. while in Serbia, 27.4% of the survey respondents plan to do the same.

In Europe, this number goes up to 30% among respondents aged between 25 and 34 years, who are the most affected by job loss due to the pandemic.

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As more consumers find discounts online, the risks that people are willing to run for more savings are also increasing. Despite the possibility of falling into the trap of scammers and becoming victims of fake sites offering discounts, most European and Serbian shoppers are willing to leave their personal data online. Only 16% of respondents in Europe and 23.8% in Serbia would not do so.

Shoppers are advised to buy only in legitimate online stores, to personally type the address of the site or choose it through the bookmark option because it is safer than clicking on a link, as well as to use the address bar of the browser to verify that the website is correct and secure and has a padlock sign next to the www address or starts with “http”.

(B92, 23.11.2020)



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