Grujičić: Mortality from malignant diseases in Serbia significantly increased from 1999 to today

Former Health Minister Danica Grujičić said at the Initiative to Determine the Consequences of the NATO Bombing of Serbia in 1999, that Serbia occupies first place Europe in the number of deaths from cancer and that the number of people suffering from malignant diseases has been growing significantly since 1999.

Grujičić also said that the statistical analysis of malignant diseases for the period from 1999 to 2018 showed a significant increase in malignant diseases in Serbia year-on-year.

She noted that the number of patients in 1999 was 19,000, in 2018 it was 30,000, while the number of patients in 2021 was 40,000.

She also added that there a significant mortality rate was observed – 12,000 cases in 1999, 15,000 in 2018, and 20,000 in 2021.

The analysis of mortality from malignant diseases, said Grujičić, showed that Serbia occupies first place in Europe, followed by countries from the region, and added that she considers that to be a consequence of the use of bombs with depleted uranium in 1999.

She went on to say that a large increase in autoimmune diseases has been observed too, as well as that it is necessary to investigate the health condition of soldiers who were exposed to the effects of depleted uranium ammunition and the condition of children of veterans who were exposed to these weapons.

Grujičić concluded that a detailed analysis of male sterility and pathological pregnancy as a consequence of nuclear and chemical pollution is also needed.

(Danas, 11.06.2024)

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