Growing prices of fuel in Serbia

Fuel prices in Serbia are on average about 10 dinars per litre higher than a month and a half ago.

After several months during which fuel prices in Serbia were cheaper and at one point had even reached the lowest level in five years, motorists have now seen the opposite trend since the beginning of July.

The prices of petrol and diesel have gone up by ten dinars per litre in just over a month, and experts say that one of the reasons is that cheap oil stocks, which companies bought in the global market during the first wave of the coronavirus contagion, have run out.

A further reason is an increase in excise duty on fuel, which has been applicable since 1 July.

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However, analysts say that it is difficult to predict price fluctuations by the end of the year because, in the event of a second wave of the pandemic or possible new disruption to the economy and daily consumption, we could expect petrol and diesel to become cheaper again.

Reverting to the situation where there are large oil reserves and low demand and consumption of crude oil products would certainly contribute to this.

Petrol in Serbia currently costs 134 dinars a litre and diesel 143 dinars. At the end of June, petrol cost 123 dinars and a litre of diesel about 132 dinars.

Therefore, motorists have to pay ten more dinars on average for one litre, and for a full tank of fuel, you will now have to pay 500 dinars more.

Basically, if you go on holiday by car somewhere in Serbia these days, which most people do due to the current health situation, you will need a slightly higher budget. For example, if you go from Belgrade to Zlatibor or the surrounding places in western Serbia by, which is about 250 kilometres away, you will have to pay about 300 dinars more for petrol than in late June, depending on the car, driving style and road conditions.

(Srbijadanas, 04.08.2020)

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