Growing number of SMEs in Serbia

The number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Serbia, in 2020, has increased in terms of the number of workers and export volume, the Ministry of Economy announced.

The analysis of small and medium-sized enterprises and small business owners in 2020 showed that business productivity in the year of the coronavirus was 2.1% higher than in 2019 and the average gross value added (GVA) per employee in the SME sector increased from 1.79 million to 1.83 million dinars, the press release said.

The number of SMEs increased by 3%, mainly due to the increase in the number of small businesses by 3.5%, Beta news agency reports. The number of micro-enterprises increased by 1%, medium-sized enterprises by 2.6%, while the number of small enterprises increased by 5.6%.

Also, the value of exports in the SME sector increased by 2.7% last year.

(Politika, 04.10.2021)





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