Growing automobile sales – Which brands are best-sellers?

The Serbian Association of Importers of Vehicles and Vehicle Parts says that, according to the first vehicle registration data, in 2023 there was a significant increase in auto sales in our country.

Thus, as of December 31 of last year, 30,651 vehicles were sold. That is 1,816 more than in the same period in 2022, when 28,835 new vehicles were sold.

On the other hand, there was a 12.42 percent decline in the sale of light commercial vehicles. Last year, 5,229 vehicles were sold, which is 751 less than in 2022. The highest number of vehicles was sold in June (3,233), while sellers had the fewest buyers in January, when 1,561 vehicles were sold.

Skoda is yet again the best-selling brand in the passenger vehicles segment, with 5,533 cars delivered, followed by Toyota (2,239), Hyundai (1,855), Volkswagen (1,789), Dacia (1,603), Renault (1,477), Kia (1,300), BMW (1,185), Audi (1,086) and Mercedes (904).

In light commercial vehicles segment, Fiat is still unrivalled, a brand that has been at the top of sales on our market for years. In 2023, Fiat sold 1,294 vehicles, ahead of Citroen in second place with 832 and Volkswagen in third with 567.

The Bavarian giant BMW tops the list of best-selling luxury brands. Last year, as many as 180 Porsches, 33 Maseratis, 16 Jaguars, 15 Teslas, 11 Bentleys, 7 Ferraris, 3 Lamborghinis and one Aston Martin were sold in Serbia.

(Zrenjaninski, 15.01.2024)

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