Grigorije: “Vladeta Janković running for Belgrade mayor would be a positive turning point”

The Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Dusseldorf and All Germany, Grigorije, said on the occasion of the possible candidacy of Professor Vladeta Janković for mayor of Belgrade, that his mayoral appointment could represent a positive radical change in the management of the Serbian capital.

“Vladeta Janković has an impressive academic career and great political experience, which has not ruined his inviolable integrity. In his political engagement so far, in difficult times, he has worked exclusively in the interest of the Serbian people and all citizens of Serbia, and has become an example of what political engagement should be: an active work for the benefit of the community and above party or personal interests,” Grigorije told Nedeljnik weekly.

The bishop went on to say that among the many factors that have influenced the refusal of people like Professor Janković to engage in the political struggle so far are lack of media freedom and dialogue and monstrous transformation of political dissidents into enemies of the state.

“Bearing in mind his effort so far, it is quite certain that Professor Janković, if elected mayor of Belgrade, will gather around him a team of people who will run the capital properly, competently and professionally, solving numerous accumulated problems that have become increasingly difficult and make it impossible for daily life and further development of the city,” concluded Grigorije.

(Danas, 30.01.2021)

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