Grenell:”The new railway link between Belgrade and Pristina is a good sign”

The U.S. envoy for the Balkans, Richard Grenell said establishing train links became a priority after U.S. officials brokered another deal earlier this week to restore air traffic between Belgrade and Pristina after a 21-year hiatus.

Grenell visited Pristina and Serbia’s capital of Belgrade this week. He said Friday at a press conference in Belgrade that details of an agreement to restore rail service would be discussed at a meeting in Berlin on Monday.

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“President Trump’s vision is now happening. The business community and the focus on job creation are leading the way,” Grenell said in a written statement to the Associated Press.

The American official also said that the United States wanted Serbia and Kosovo to focus on the economy, employment and prosperity as a means of normalizing relations. Grenell then urged both sides to remove the obstacles that had blocked the dialogue for more than a year.

Grenell was appointed by Trump in October as the special envoy to talks to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia. The European Union-mediated negotiations started in 2011 and have been stalled since Kosovo imposed a trade tax on Serbian goods in 2018.

(Danas, 25.01.2020)


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