Grenell: ‘The Biden administration didn’t even look at the Washington Agreement’

The former US special envoy for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Richard Grenell, has criticised the new US administration for, as he said, failing to address the Washington agreement and pay more attention to the Balkans.

Grenell claims that the new administration has neglected former President Donald Trump’s successes in the Balkans and that President Joseph Biden’s team “failed in the Balkans”.

According to him, no one from the US pays more attention to the Balkans, reports Koha Ditore from Pristina. The expert said that the most successful point of the Washington agreement, reached on 4 September 2020 at the White House, was the introduction of a moratorium on pressure from Pristina for new recognitions of Kosovo’s independence and from Serbia for the withdrawal of recognitions.

“Four economic agreements have been reached and I don’t think that Biden’s team pays any attention to the Balkans anymore,” Grenell added.

Grenell called the Washington agreement historic and assessed that Biden’s team could go through it and say what needs to be renegotiated or what can be done to improve it. “But no one has even looked at it,” he said and added that although he no longer has a political function, he is doing everything in his power to push through the implementation of the agreement.

(Blic, 31.10.2021)

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