Grenell: “It’s not true that the US approves land swap”

US Presidential Envoy Richard Grenell has denied that the United States administration is open to land swap between Serbia and Kosovo.

“False news”, Grenell wrote on his Twitter account, commenting on an article published two days ago on the EUobserver website.

Responding directly to a tweet from the editorial staff, Grenell said that no-one from EUobserver had ever interviewed him or asked him a question about the issue.

“I am for what the parties agree to – I’m focused on economic development, not politics,” concluded Grenell.

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EUobserver had published an article entitled “The US still open to Kosovo-Serbia land swap” in which it also claims that Germany would oppose the idea.

EUObserver adds that Richard Grenell was also tasked with promoting the idea of a quick deal on recognition last year, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

Grenell reacted to the text, which conveyed Matthew Palmer’s response on a possible border correction, stressing that it is up to Belgrade and Pristina to set the parameters for dialogue.

On the basis of this statement, the Brussels-based website stated that the United States did not reject the possibility of land swap, despite Germany’s opposition.

(Vecernje Novosti, 19.02.2020)

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