Greenko Ekopark to build a 70-mln-EUR solar park in Kikinda

After two years of preparation, the Greenko Ekopark Company will build a photovoltaic park, with a power of 80 MW, in the territory of the Kikinda municipality, in the area of the village of Sajan, spanning around 100ha, worth EUR 70mln.

“The construction of one such solar (photovoltaic) park would have a strong impact on the development of Kikinda and put the entire area on the “green map of Europe”, i.e. will make Kikinda among the first cities in Serbia that are serious candidates for the realization of one of the “green” projects, under the auspices of the adopted Law on Renewable Energy Sources,” the local self-government has said.

Parallel with the preparation of the relevant plan, the investor will also write a study detailing how the park will be connected to the power distribution system of Elektromreza Srbije.

The electricity produced at this park, which will amount to around 120 GWh a year, will be sold on electricity market.

(eKapija, 19.12.2021)

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