Green light for new taxation solution for freelancers

The Serbian Parliament’s Finance Committee accepted numerous amendments to various laws and gave its consent to the Serbian government taking out several loans.

The Committee was especially focused on considering taxation formats for freelancers, in order to find a solution that will satisfy both sides – the government and freelancers. Finance Minister Siniša Mali said that freelancers paying income tax and contributions would guarantee them the right to the state pension and health insurance.

The Committee gave the green light to amendments to the Law on Payroll Contributions for Mandatory Social Security, the Law on the Budget System, the Law on Property Tax and the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration.

Amendments to the Law on Income Tax, the Law on State Administrative Fees, the Customs Law and the Law on Deadlines for Settlement of Financial Obligations in Commercial Transactions were also approved by the Committee, in addition to the amendments to the Law on Electronic Invoicing and the Law on Use of Electronic Fiscal Devices.

The Committee also agreed to the government taking out a 44.9-million-euro loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), to finance the energy efficiency and clean energy project for citizens.

(Politika, 04.12.2022)

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