Green Fest from 21 to 25 November

The thirteenth International Green Culture Festival – Green Fest – will be held online from November 21 to 25, and this year, all festival content will be free and available on the festival’s website – .

Anyone interested in the environment, ecology, climate change, sustainable development, and related topics will be able to watch a total of 6 feature films and 45 medium and short films during the festival.

Multiple award-winning feature films will be screened at the festival, including ‘The Pandemic Factory’, a new film by the renowned French film director, Marie-Monique Robin. The film shows how deforestation, the expansion of monocultures and industrial animal husbandry, as well as climatic imbalances have favoured the spread of new pathogens. For the first time, twenty scientists from five continents will give their insight into this issue, setting guidelines for further action at local, national and international levels.

‘The War on Plastic’ reveals how despite efforts to reduce the use of plastic, and the growing crisis of ocean pollution, the plastics industry is rapidly ramping up new production and promoting a known solution: recycling, even though there is doubt that widespread plastic recycling would ever be economically viable.

(City Magazine, 18.11.2022)

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