Greeks contemplate raising holiday accommodation prices, Serbs increasingly turning to Egypt and Turkey

Greek hoteliers are planning to raise prices from next autumn, as they expect an even greater demand; the news comes from Aleksandar Senicic, director of the National Association of Travel Agencies (JUTA).

“I think this applies mainly to hotel accommodation in Greece, whereas we should pay the same amount for renting apartments as this year,” Senicic adds.

One of the reasons for the price increase is the opening of the market for new tourists.

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“Romanians, and partly Bulgarians, have so far been vacationing on the Black Sea and in Turkey, but are increasingly turning towards the Aegean region. The higher the demand, the higher the price. Serbia is a serious market for the Greeks, but not in the hotel segment. Germans rent a good number of rooms and Romanian travel agencies are quite aggressive in their search for accommodation. The Romanian market has 21 million potential tourists,” adds Senicic.

Mirko Bauk of the Odeon World Travel Agency says he does not expect an increase: “We don’t sell holiday arrangements for the north of Greece but mainly the islands, and there are not as many inquiries from Serbia about the islands, as there are for the peninsula of Chalkidiki and its surroundings. It is mostly the British and Scandinavian tourists that prefer the islands.”

Srdjan Andrejevic from Argus Tours agrees that the season in Greece was bad this year and thinks that the next one will be even worse.

“The Greeks should decrease their prices by 20% but instead they are planning the opposite, to increase them for the next season. As they have 20% fewer guests from Northern Europe, they seem to have decided to “punish” the guests coming from the region. To save this season, the owners have been renting apartments on the spot at ridiculous prices, causing their cooperation with big travel agencies to collapse. If they don’t change their attitude, we’ll change the destination, because they’ve crossed the line this time around,” says Andrejevic.

Senicic also believes that if the pricing policy continues on this upward trend, it will be cheaper for Serbian tourists to holiday in Egypt and Turkey.

(eKapija, 28.08.2019)

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